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Hey guys sorry l haven't been on here in ages , been busy with driving lesson, a new course that l started and with life in general 

I thought l'd make a video on 3 of my essential favourites.

Starting with my Nivea eye make up remover , its my saviour in the mornings before l start my course for removing any excess make up l didn't get off the night before. It comes in a clear blue bottle with a white lid , l got 125ml bottle and it has lasted me ages . The only thing l would say about this it is sightly stingy around the eyes but l've had worse. I normally get a cotton pad and gently rub it off 

Next on my list is Garnier's Ultimate Blends , The Sleek Perfector. In one word perfection it makes your hair so soft and you can use it for protecting your hair before heat styling which l love and lt keeps your hair silky .DON'T use too much though because you can make your hair look greasy. It comes in a 150ml bottle in a brownish bronzy bottle . I really recommend you at least try this and tell me what you think.

Now finally we come to the famous Coconut Oil, it is great for everything , colds & flus , cooking , moisturizing your skin and conditioning your hair . l got mine in Tesco and it was really cheap and Natural which won't do you any harm unless you are Allergic in that situation stay well away :P 

Okay well l think thats all for now , thank you so much for reading and lf you have any questions feel free to ask 

Lots of love 

Rose x 


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