Suffering from Inflammatory Bowel Disease

For two years l have been suffering with very bad cramps,diarrhoea that came with a lot of blood and extreme tiredness . I found it very frustrating as I kept going to my doctor and she kept saying it was irritable bowel syndrome and that l had hemorrhoids and l had to keep taking these different medicines that had no impact what so ever and after so many visits l got sent for a colonsocopy and thats when they had Inflammatory Bowel Disease or IBD.

Inflammatory Bowel Disease is often confused with IBS which is Irritable Bowel Syndrome but they are two completely different conditions. Irritable bowel syndrome can be prevented and Inflammatory bowel syndrome can't be prevented. This is what happens when you have this chronic illness your white blood cells in your body are too high so they start to fight against your intestines which leaves your intestines inflamed with ulcers and this causes a lot of pain, diarrhoea and because your body can't absorb nutrients properly you end up tired,not feeling great and you tend to lose weight

 I found that when l told people l had it some people were very supportive and then there were others who were like you should eat this and shouldn't eat that and the funny thing is food doesn't cause your IBD it is your immune system that is causing it.It was also very embarrassing to tell people that you have this because it's not a subject that people feel pleasant talking about especially when you have the runs. Having the diarrhoea is one of the most annoying symptom to have because when your out its very obvious what you have when you suddenly get up and run to the toliet and another is finding a toilet quickly there were many times when l nearly didn't make it  . .


 I'm currently waiting for my biopsy to come back to decide whether l have Ulcerative Colitis or Crohn's Disease. Neither are great but as my doctor said l have caught it in the early stages so l can treat it and keep on top of it . What l find hard is the medicines they put you on l'm currently on steroids and they make me feel really sick with headaches but l can't go off them because my doctor said my condition will get worse if l do but l think l rather this than the alternative.

I think its important to remember just because a person looks well on the outside doesn't mean they are aren't sick. IBD is not visible on the outside but what is happening inside is very painful , inflamed and bloody. I'm writing this blog to let other people my age you are not alone if you have this, when l found out l had lt l felt like the only young person to have this and in my research l found out plenty of young people suffer with this its just not talked about because its the bowels and people don't like talking about it.


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