Strike 4 Repeal

Ireland's history with abortion has been a long and complicated one with women having backstreet abortions and then later going over to the UK for them .
Many people think these women get abortions because they were careless and didn't take precautions but that's not the case at all . Many people got them because they couldn't provide a life for that child because of various situations such as not having enough money , they can't physically look after a child or too mentally ill to look after a child.

A few years ago a woman called Savita halappanavar died because she was not offered an abortion which could of saved her life even though her and her husband wanted it she was denied it . It was unlikely for the child to survive but still the hospital said no . They say every child has a heartbeat and a soul but what about the women they definitely have a heartbeat and a soul but in lots of cases they are ignored by our government. People are so concerned about the fetus inside your womb but once it is born , they couldn't care less about that child how hypocritical are some.

 Many people say give "the child up for adoption" but why would any woman want to carry a child for 9 months , give birth and then giving it to strangers that seems heartless and very cruel . Strike for repeal is repealing the 8th amendment allowing women to make the choice for themselves.

In my opinion women should be allowed control over their own bodies and no one has the right to tell you what you can do with it and the reason l am posting this today is because it is the 8th of March is the day all over Ireland women will be protesting for this amendment to be changed. 

Vote Yes


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