Changing to Healthy Food

Changing my eating habits  

l know at this time of year loads of you make this promise as l do to eat healthy.
 So far this year I've changed my food routine by cutting out some food and consuming more of others.

I now eat breakfast which l didn't before and have replaced the sugar l might of put in it with fruit such as bananas , strawberries or blueberries. So l learn't that lf l want something sweet, turn to fruit as it natural sugar that is great for you. I do find it hard at times though especially when you see that lovely chocolate bar begging to be eaten but l have to stop myself and say no. On the weekends l might have something different like scrambled eggs and wholemeal bread as a change from weetabix.

For lunch l normally make a soup for the week on the Sunday.I  put it into containers that l can take to course and there is no getting lunch ready in the mornings and all l have to do then is heat it up in the microwave so handy. I have often used leftovers from the dinner the day before and it comes in great too as your using up the food from the night before. 

For dinner l try to include more vegetables than l would usually eat as it means lower calories and better for you. There is a big misconception that carbs are bad for you they're not, everything in moderation as long as the majority of meal isn't made if it they're okay . Try wholewheat pasta or rice as apposed to white rice and pasta .I like to change my meal plan every week this week as I've kinda splurged at the weekend so I'm having tuna as its low in calories and delicious.

I love savoury snacks more than sweet so l tend to go for rice cakes, nuts and pretzels . I try to go for the lower calorie snack but l think you're allowed to treat yourself every now and again. 

Hope this helps anyone looking for advice on what to eat just remember everything in moderation and you'll be fine :) <3

Lots of love 

Rose x


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