Thoughts On The Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipsticks

I've been collecting some of these lipsticks to try them out over a few months and l've decided to do a little review on them.

So Let's Begin ...

All of these lipsticks come in black packaging with a silver band around the middle with the words Rimmel London engraved on to it . It also has the Rimmel symbol embossed on the top of it .

Amethyst Shimmer

Love the Amethyst Shimmer, its a real purple /Pink colour which suits pale skin and most skin types, just wear foundation with it or it will look weird. 
l feel like its an Autumn colour so l don't know if l could wear it in the summer but l will probably find some way to wear it. I would love to pair it with a black dress and have it as a statement lip. I think Its a real classy colour .
The lipstick its very easy to apply and very pigmented with A lot of  Shimmer , also very moist on the lips. Definitely a winner :) 

Pink Blush 

I've only tried on this a few times, I thought it was okay. Its a very barbie pink  when you swatch it but when I put it on it was a nude pink a bit more drier than the Amethyst Shimmer which is probably the reason l don't wear it much , l don't really like wearing dry lipsticks too often. 
It's matte when you apply it on to the lips so l would advise people to moisturise and exfoliate your lips so you get the perfect look with this.  I would rate this as an okay lipstick.

Drops of Sherry 

I bought this a few weeks back , l love it , lt kinda matches my own lips so great for a subtle lippy for interviews or lf you just want something on , It has the same texture as the Amethyst Shimmer , creamy but instead of shimmery , its more frosty but still one of my faves. I love the rose colour of this lipstick very elegant. I give it a smiley Face :) 

Okay well that's it , l think the lasting power of these are good, l'd say a few hours, l think you would probably need to bring these with you to top up. Colours are creamy except for the pink blush. 
On the whole not disappointed

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