My First Make Up Revolution Haul

So at the start of this month l was watching some random videos on Youtube and l decided l'd watch one of my favourite Youtubers Miss Budget Beauty and she was reviewing some make up revolution products ... omg the price of them and at first l thought they're too cheap to be any good but l watched a few more reviews on them and most of them were positive so l said okay l'll buy some of their products just to try them out . I started with the lipsticks , some of the lipstick are a euro .... a euro !!!

Rose Gold Lipsticks 

I'm going to start with my Rose Gold Lipsticks which are the ones showed aboved l got three that are called Private Members Club,  Red Carpet and Girls Best Friend. Private Members Club is a  very dark purple , Red Carpet is beautiful red and the Girls Best Friend is a yummy pink 

Focus & Fix Eyebrow Shaping Kit 

I don't have many brow products all l have is a brow mascara from Maybelline so l wanted to get a little set l could use .l'm not big on doing much with my brows as long as they look neat and tidy but for a change l wanted to do something different so here is the Focus & Fix Eyebrow Shaping Kit in medium dark , lt comes with a little pair of tweezers and a little brow brush. Yo get three shades of medium brown and a clear gel.They seem to have  good pigment for the price which is great hate products where you have to keep applying just to get it to look right. This one was €3.47

Powder Blushes 

The blushes l got are hot and love , they are very small and compact which is great lf you have to go away and you haven't much space in your bag , Hot is a much warmer more vibrant pink blush , Love is a much more peachy kind of blush but both are nice , the pigment could be better but you can work the colour up . The price of these are €1.39 each

Redemption Iconic 3 

Some of you may not know but Revolution do dupes to the Urban Decay Naked palettes , l have a naked palette so l wanted to see what the dupe was like compared to the actual naked palette. I got the Redemption Palette Iconic 3 which is a dupe to the Naked 3 palette . I don't see much difference between the two , the naked palette is much more creamier than the Iconic 3 but you can't expect them to be exactly the same for the price so l will let you know how they blend on a review of this palette. Definitely worth a purchase for €5.56

Redemption Iconic 1  

Another Redemption palette l got was the Iconic 1 which is a dupe to the first naked palette from Urban decay , l haven't got the first naked palette so l can't compare but they are very pigmented and l love them again this palette was €5.56 

Unicorns Unite Lipsticks 

Moving on to the lipsticks , now these are a bit mad but l thought l'd do some  tutorials with them for my youtube channel , when l swatched them they didn't look as mad as they appeared in the lipstick they look nice. These are the complete Unicorn Unite Lipstick Collection which lf you buy them all cost you £4 , l think thats €5.05 which isn't bad at all.

Amazing Lipstick Nude 

The last lipstick l got was a nude from the Amazing Lipstick collection they have on the make up revolution website.I haven't got this kind of nude in my own collection so l didn't know lf it was going to suit me so l thought l'd buy an affordable one to see how it goes and l will let you know in a review when l've tried and tested all of them. This one was €1.39 which is nothing for a lipstick.

I <3 Make Up I am in Love Set

The last thing l ordered was I am in Love from the l <3 make up range  , its a lovely little set with 6 eyeshadows and a lipstick. The shades l got are very pink/ rose toned , it goes from light to dark with a nice base to start with . The lipstick is barbie pink , l haven't tried it on yet so lt might look different on. 

I went to look for the price of this and lt looks like this one is discontinued but they have two others on there one is on sale at the moment at €2.08 and the other is €4.15.

 l will link they page for you .

Okay thats all from this haul but watch this space for the reviews of these and for more hauls in the future , thank you so much for reading and lf you'd like to follow me you can follow me by email or lf you have a google account you can add me to your circles xxxx



I will link this website just incase you may want to have a look.


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