Bourjois Délice de Poudre // Bronzing & Highlighter Duo Review

I was looking at the 3 for 2 and l wanted to get the bronzer/highlighter set from Bourjois simply because l haven't tried a highlighter from bourjois and l loved the shade of bronzer you get with it. It's not too dark and not too light. I also love the smell of this bronzer / highlighter reminds me of vanilla and cinnamon together , l do think lts a bit overpowering though. 

I love the packaging it looks like theres chocolate inside , lt looks like squares of white and milk chocolate , very powdery chocolate haha. Then when you close it , lt has a magnetic bit where it sticks to.

I love the way this bronzer blends , lts subtle but gives you cheek bones (cheeky face) hehe, the highlighter is the wrong shade for me but l think lf you are more tanned lt might look better on you. You have to also build it up to see anything 

On top of make up it sits very well and lt lasts the whole day for me. 

Thank you for reading this quick review , on the whole l loved this product would l buy lt again , l'd buy the bronzer but not the highlighter , lts too sheer for me .

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