Orlando Massacre / Christina Grimmie RIP

So this post isn't my normal beauty/food blog so l apologize but I feel like these kind of stories are important to mention and l hate that these stories are becoming the norm when they shouldn't be especially when they come from America. l wish they would change their laws on gun control.
They need to make it much harder for people to obtain them. Here in Ireland you need to get a license and to get a license you need to go to the Gardaí / Police, they make sure you don't have any criminal records and that you are mentally okay to have one by getting character references from people who know you, there are a lot of other things you need to do too. Plus the guns you have are mainly for those who like to go hunting so they aren't concealable weapons. It's a lot safer than it is in the states.  but l don't think they will change because people are selfish and when money is thrown in they prefer to chose money than protecting people's lives or as someone once said they like to pretend they are rambo. 

I feel so sorry for the families of the Orlando's victims and the family of Christina Grimmie , innocent people who didn't deserve to die, who were out doing what they love , having a great time , then suddenly one man who is crazy gets a gun because of ridiculous gun laws and takes a lot of lives , seems so stupid that they are afraid of isis radicals coming in when they have people in their own country who can and have taken lives.

This is just a short post just to share my thoughts and condolences to their family. RIP

Lots of Love 



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