What I'm Bringing In My Liquid Bag Through The Airport

I always feel like you need these when you go on holiday especially when you're in a hot country like Naples. They are great for making you feel freshened up or if you get too sweaty under your bits you can clean yourself up without having a shower.

Very important when you are in a hot country like Italy, I got factor 50 because I have very pale skin

and needed it. I got it in travel size that way its easy to carry around instead of a big tube. I think next time I will go for a broad spectrum sun cream as that protects you from everything from the sun. 

Next is a shampoo , when I'm on holiday l love to get different shampoos in travel size and that way if I like it I can buy the full  size bottle when I get home :)  The shampoo I got is from Tresemm√© and it is called Keratin smooth.It is suppose to last you seven days which I hope it does but I think I will be using it alot on on holiday.

Another essential I bought was anti perspirant from Nivea in the range Pearl & Beauty. Its suppose to give you 48 hours of protection but l found l needed to apply it twice or maybe three times so l doubt it gives you that much protection.It smells lovely and l find it doesn't leave white streaks on my clothes.

I love my simple moisturisers, they are so great on my skin and don't block my pores but I picked up the wrong one, l picked up the light moisturiser when l should of picked up the rich one.My skin gets very dry and even in Ireland light is not strong enough. I think l will just use it and if l need to pick up another one I will . 

I got this benefit mascara at Christmas and l think it's the perfect travel size for holidays. It is one of my favourite mascaras. Unfortunately once it is gone I won't be getting another one because l'm going cruelty free with my cosmetics and I found out recently Benefit tests on animals and I feel bad knowing I'm contributing to an animal's pain and suffering :( 

Now l don't know if lipsticks are considered liquids but I thought I'd throw them in just in case , I don't want security to take them away. Here I have my butter lipstick from NYX and Firebird from Gwen Stefani's Urban Decay range. I wanted two colours that reflected summer time for me and l also wanted one l can wear during the day and one for night time so these were perfect. 

Next is my wake me up concealer from Rimmel , its a life saver when you have spots or anything you want to cover up , I find this really great at blending in with your foundation . Sometimes I don't wear foundation and when I put this on you wouldn't notice it but still covers up. So I had to pack this one. Its very creamy so it doesn't such the life out of your skin ;)

This foundation is nearly gone and its from Oriflame , I won't 

be repurchasing this one either because it tests on animals and I'm not supporting that but it is an amazing foundation, perfect for my skin which is such a pity.

I have to have Vaseline wherever I go, my lips get very dry on the plane and they start to feel very uncomfortable so this stuff is great. It's small so it doesn't take up that much space in your bag and plus the lid is very secure .I consider it an essential.

 I don't buy balms anymore because
 l find that Vaseline is the best for making your lips moist and you could also use it for a shine over your lipstick too. 

Toothpaste is definitely another essential  to bring with you , l got these travel sizes from Superdrug and they were going cheap. This bottle was a 25ml and lasted two people for a whole week definitely worth getting if you are going on holidays.

The last thing I'm bringing with me is my liquid eyeliner , I don't think I will use this much but if your going out at night and you have a smoky eye , I love to do a winged line and this liquid eye liner is good for doing that  because it is a thick and thin eyeliner it is easy to to do a think and thick line with this. I wouldn't call this an essential but it doesn't take much space so I threw it into my bag.

Down below is a youtube video of what I'm bringing in my liquid bag through the Airport.

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Lots of Love 




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