Back to College - IT Sligo

Image may contain: people sitting and outdoorLong time no see , so big news , l'm back to college actually not only that but l'm living in Sligo too on my own during the week . I'm doing a Bachelors degree in Tourism and Event Management and l love it , I decided to do this course because l love travelling and  I've organised events in the past so its something l would love to make a career out of . We go on lots of field trips and its great because we'd go to places l'd never think of going to . I think my favorite place was the Eagle Sanctuary called Eagles Flying in Co.Mayo. 

No automatic alt text available.The college itself is good , we have a library , canteens, ATMs, students shops and a health clinic which comes in handy because of my condition. I've just finished my second semester and gotten my results.. passed thank god . I've met some really nice people at Sligo who l hang with , they are the most genuine and lovely girls , you know who you are 

Living on my own without Stephen is a bit strange  l miss him during the week and it can get quite lonely but l think l will get used to it . I just have to see it as only five days a week and l see him at the weekend. I think with the next semester we will have a shorter week and instead of five days we will have four which isn't too bad. Bringing it on to a high note l do love the independence and its almost like living two separate lives one with my husband and one on my own so all in all its great .

Okay so I have to end this post  but I promise it won't be so long next time and thanks so much for reading it .

Lots of Love 
Rose xx


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