New Year Resolutions

Hey so this year there is so much l want to accomplish so by the end of the year l can say l've done what l aimed to do so here are my new years resolutions .

Get my Driving License

I want to get my driving license so badly , it would give me far more independence than l do now

Going on a course before go back to college

I want to go do an business accountancy course in college because l think it would be very beneficial to me

Lose some weight 

I want to get back down two stones before l go away on holiday in July and also just want to do it for my own health :)

Travel More

I want to travel more around Ireland , l'm going to Naples this summer so I'm really looking forward to it 

Putting up more videos this year  

I want to really make a go of my Youtube channel this year , l've made two videos so far so its a good start to the year. 

I'm sorry l have kind of neglected my blog l haven't been in the mood after l lost Sheldon been a sad month but l'm starting to move on .

What are your resolutions for this year ? l would love to know.

Lots of Love 




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