Urban Decay Sheer Revolution Lipstick Review

I like this lipstick , it is sheer and very moisturising , its almost like the feeling of a balm.

It goes on your lips very easily and looks great . There is nothing wrong with the actual lipstick , it stays on all day and is amazing on your lips . 

The applicator is what l have a problem with it is very stiff compared to my other lipsticks, I was afraid of twisting it in the case l put too much up . 

Love the colour of the packaging its very girly and pink/purple.

 I think why l had a problem with this is the colour is great but for €20, when l have a zoeva lipstick at €8 which has a better applicator more pigmented and it too stays on all day l felt a bit cheated . I don't think l'll be buying anymore from this collection but l'll still use it. I would class it as one my favourites right now because l use it going out because its not in your face make up when you are going for a natural look.

I hope this review helps you make up your mind in if you want to buy this lipstick.

Lots of Love 




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