''These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things''

 I've got so many things that l've enjoyed during the last few weeks but lf l shared all of them you'd get bored so l'm going to share a few of my favourite things . 



l've started eating breakfast in the morning again and l've turned to cereal and that is Fruit n Fibre , l used to love it as a child and l now remember why and on the plus side its great for you :) I also love to slice a banana over it too.

Okay so that's the healthy favourite, now on to the not so healthy , l love my galaxy chocolate. I prefer it over most kinds. lt's like heaven in a bar, it is so creamy but l wish it wasn't so bad for you ''sad face''...


 My favourite foundation is the studio artist foundation from Oriflame , l bought this last year and I've never used it as much as l have this month. It's a very liquidity foundation and its a medium coverage foundation that covers my blemishes and any discolouration l might have. It's also very hydrating and It feels like l have nothing on , going to have to buy another one of these if they still have them lets hope they do :) 

I love this one and use it all the time and its the wake me up concealer from Rimmel , l had the foundation but l really love this concealer , lts easy to blend and hides spots really well . 

Two eyeshadow palettes that are currently my favourites are the Gwen Stefani  from Urban Decay that l bought myself for my birthday and the Naturally yours from Zoeva , both are brilliant palettes.

The gwen stefani palette has shades that you could use for all occasions with mattes , shimmers and satins while the Naturally yours palette is brilliant for daytime and you may be able to get one or two looks for night but lt has lots of mattes and one or two shimmers.


One of my randoms is my new dresser l got , well its not new my sister was giving away her old one so she gave it to me , l love it and l actually have somewhere to store all of my make up and a place to sit at while l do it. I love the older style of dressers :) 

The finale just aired this week of this Show and l'm so sad , Jane the Virgin is something l watch every week . I actually find Jane a bit annoying , shes all about me and l find when she does something wrong everyone forgives her but when its the other way round she gets in a strop but l love all of the other characters , my favourites characters are Petra , Rafeal and Rogelio , he is so funny. I would class this as a rom com/ comedy definitely recommend this .

Loving the series Fear the Walking Dead, l love how it shows you from the beginning of the apocalypse. The interesting parts to me is how they survive and protect themselves . I do however find some of the characters a bit stupid but you'll get that in every show. Would love to know lf any of ye watch Fear the Walking Dead and what do you think of it?

The last of my favourites is the game Candy Crush , loving this game so much , l've been playing it for two years and l'm on level 573.

  l just have found myself playing it a lot more than usual. These games should come with a warning , they are so addictive.

So these are my favourites lately , I would love to know what your favourites are ? let me know in the comments below :) 

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Lots of Love 

Rose xxx 


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