Day Five In Naples // Our Last Full Day // Spaccanapoli Street // Grangusto

After last night's sickness I couldn't stomach breakfast so l slept in till like 12 in the afternoon, I felt so bad not getting up early because lt was our last day in Naples and I wanted to enjoy it but oh well. I eventually got up , had a shower and got ready.

We walked up some streets and came across a street lined with make up , clothes and shoe shops so it was like heaven :) I was walking pass them and Kiko caught my eye when l went into l expected it to be expensive but lt was actually really affordable and plus they had a huge sale so I kind of splurged on a good bit of make up. Kiko l found out is cruelty free so any of you who are looking for a cruelty free make up product this might be the one for you :)

After leaving kiko and then walking for a bit , l felt hungry so we dropped into this tapas bar , it was gorgeous and l had a sneaky sangaria with it as well which was delicious. I think it was called..... I will put a picture down below.

Next place we went to was Spaccanapoli Street, I loved this place , it was a long street filled with market shops and stalls with cheesy soveniers and things you can only get in naples. We stopped by a little shop and we tasted the most delicious ice cream , l got a pischachio and melon ice cream and stephen as usual got a chocolate ice cream, I would love to go there again . I will put up a picture of it for you.

Coming home we were exhausted , l collapsed on the bed but soon after l had recovered and then we decided to go out for something to eat for our last day . We didn't want to venture far because we had to be in bed early for our flight home early the next morning. We stopped by this restuarant / grocery shop called Grangusto , it was amazing , I kind  of wished that we had gone there on our last day. I found that it wasn't that expensive each meal was around 12 to 15 euros and the staff was very friendly , even though we didn't speak Italian they tried to speak english which was a relief after the places we had been to

Leaving Grangusto we were stuffed , we made our way back to the hotel through the busy streets of Naples.Opening the door to the room , we quickly got our bags ready for the morning and climbed into bed and drifted to sleep and that ends our amazing trip to Naples.





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