Day Three In Naples Italy // Local Supermarkets // Castel Nouvo // Wedding Anniversary

I woke up again really tired , l think lt's all the walking or the heat that's drawing the energy from my body. This morning for breakfast I had eggs and bacon and after l had tea with a few pastries , l love the food at this hotel it seems freshly made and the breakfast was free with the room that we booked so l was delighted when l found out it was nice. 

After breakfast as usual we went up to our room and got ready to go to Castel Nuovo which was about 40 min walk for us because we wanted to take our time so we didn't burn ourselves out. Leaving the hotel we came across a little ice cream shop on our travels , the men didn't speak English but we just pointed out what we wanted, l got a strawberry ice cream and then l got a vanilla ice cream with pistachio nuts in it in the same cone.My hands became very sticky after the ice cream dripped down the cone but it was lovely and kept me cool. 

After which seemed like a long walk we reached Castel Nuovo, it was massive , it reminded me of Game of thrones because of all the castles in it. Inside you had a few museums of artwork and statues , there was also a chapel and a massive hall with medieval architecture. I was a little disappointed because l wanted to see more than what they showed lt feels like there was more paintings than artifacts from the castle but lt was still good. I thought the tickets to this would be free but lt wasn't, we paid l think 13 euro in but still worth it in my opinion.

After we left the castle , we decided to make our way home and drop into a pizzeria on the way to the hotel as we were starving. It was okay l just thought it was a little overdone and it was too oily. I finished half of it and I left the rest but Stephen loved his pizza , I got a caprese pizza and Stephen got an american pizza which had hot dogs on it and chips , he said it was lovely.

When we got back we celebrated our 3rd wedding Anniversary with a glass of lemoncello that we bought in the hotel. 

It wasn't a bad day but my legs aren't liking all this walking and we have pompeii tomorrow , my poor little feet :( 

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