Fault in our Stars Critism

            Fault in Our Stars 

Just want to say love this film really touched me since l lost 

my gran to cancer last year the week of my wedding so was 

bawling at the end of this film but let me begin with there will be SPOILERS in this. 

I thought there were a few things however that bothered me about this story and I will list them below.

1. Why did people start clapping when Augustus & Hazel kissed 

in the Anne Frank Museum , seemed a bit odd to me , would you 

think it was weird if your boyfriend kissed you and a lot of 

strangers started clapping. 

2. Why did Augustus not want Hazel to call 911 when he 

obviously  he was in danger of dying , seemed a little stupid to 


3. There are a few cliche moments for instance , when Hazel was 

at the meeting where she meets Augustus and you know they 

are going to be together with the cliche looking at each other 

and looking at each other in a certain way throughout the movie.

There are the ones l can think of but as l say on the whole this 

movie is a great one and would still recommend it . 

Lots of Love 

Rose xxx


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