New Job YAY !!!!!!!!!

 Lets Celebrate :) 

So this week has been a very productive one , l got a job finally 

at an estate agents well its an internship but still happy l got 

through with the interview, its a great job and love it , 

answering the phone is a bit nerve wrecking but l'm getting 

used to it, I think l need to just get used to actually working 

again , its been a while l mean l've been doing the courses but 

its not the same .Oh random but tried out the naked 3 , picture of my attempt is below 

 Other news been busy with writing my story called Invasion of 

Egypt  ,I have been writing it for a few years going back and 

forth with it so l don't think l will be finished for years yet but 

there is no rush l love doing it . Nothing new besides that just 

waiting for my learner permit still hasn't come yet oh and 

ordered from boohoo so might do a haul on that when lt comes 

got stuff before so l might throw that last order in with the new 

one , Okay going to let you go.Hope everyone is having a great weekend 

Lots of love 


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