Warning Boohoo Disappointment

Not Ordering of Boohoo Again 

Hey girlies , okay l bought something off boohoo and l was really excited to get my order and when they said everything was dispatched l was so happy because I thought everything was in stock because usually companies would tell you if something wasn't in stock. I waited a few days and l finally got my package when l first got it l thought it was a bit small, l opened it and it was two of the items l ordered instead of 4 items , l was really disappointed, there was no where on the invoice telling me the clothes l ordered was not in stock and no apology , l didn't get an email either. 

I looked at my bank statement and l am still charged for the four items and l was charged for the delivery as well , so l contacted boohoo and this is what l sent them  and the email l got when my order was dispatched 

Sorry couldn't get the whole email just screen shotting the email but l got promotions as well so l should of gotten them in the invoice that l got , so l got no discount and no free delivery

Here is the email l got back from boohoo

Here is the email l got back from boohooOkay so am l supposed to think lf l had not contacted them l would not get a refund  

Really their customer service needs a great inprovement 


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