Oscar Pistorius

Ok well my rant this week is going to be on  Oscar Pistorius, a 

murderous asshole , l mean if any ordinary person did 

what he did would end up in jail but because he is famous he 

gets a less harsh sentence but in 

my eyes murder is murder and to be honest if you woke up and 

your girlfriend wasnt there you would 

call out for her you wouldn't pull out your gun and shoot 

through the bathroom door , HE IS GUILTY STUPID 

JUSTICE SYSTEM , sorry but lt annoys me because he is an 

south african athelete he gets away with it.

All that crying was for show and we all could tell it was , poor 

girl and poor family , l feel really sorry for them , to lose a 

daughter to a cheater, murder and liar . 

Karma will catch him 


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