A Little Shopping Trip

Two weeks back I went on a little shopping trip with hubby and l decided l didn't have enough clothes and jewellery. So l stopped by in Dorothy Perkins , New look and Oasis. 

I wanted to get two statement necklaces as l call them , so while l was having a look in Dorothy Perkins l came across these two beauties. These were on sale by the way :) The first one l think was around £10 but l absolutely love it , lt's so easy to put on because the clasps are big, some clasps l find hard to open and close. It looks great on too. lts not to high up or low just perfect.

              The other necklace l got was this beautiful necklace with birds that are flying, l like the way it just fits around my neck , its sits just right . I think this one was around £10 as well , it was so worth it . I might wear this one at 

Next I am going to show you the other jewellery l bought which are these pair of earrings also from Dorothy Perkins. One was £5 and the other was £3.The one that was £3 had one of the dangly pieces missing but I didn't mind , you'd hardly notice it. I have only worn the gold one and they seem to be fine , l love them both but the gold one is definitely my favourite.


Now on to the clothes , l was looking around at the bargain rail and l saw this dress and l was like hmm l could wear this for a meeting by putting a blazer over it or for going to out to dinner it looks very versatile and would be great for when winter comes . I was thinking of pairing it with a pair of black heels and black tights it could look great.When l do l'll post a picture on here. Not a bad Purchase if l do say so .

The last thing l bought from Dorothy Perkins was this pinkish top/blouse , its very flattering on , lt covers all the bumps .I have this thing where l buy clothes that could serve a few situations such as interviews, parties and just going to the pub. 

I think l might wear this Christmas day because l want to be comfy and styish as well. I love the detailing with the gold and the little diamante makes it look fancy hehe 

Okay we are leaving Dorothy Perkins and l'm going to show you what l got from Oasis. I love this black blazer, l recently had a job interview and l couldn't find my blazer so l had to go buy one and l found this , its very comfy , it doesn't button up, hate things that have buttons lol It has a little bit of padding on the shoulders but it doesn't make you look like one of those american footballers lol Its actually very fitted and comfortable. Hopefully l will get alot of wear from this .

The next two are from New Look.The first one, a wine coloured flowing cardigan , what l like about this cardigan its smart looking , you could wear a dress under it on an evening out or you could pair it with a pair of jeans going out with some nice books , Its very warm as well which l needed coming into the winter months . It has long sleeves and is long enough to cover your thighs and bottom BEST BUY!!!!

This top l got from New look  , the picture didn't come out well but its a black top with dark blue in places , lts really nice . It has silver embroidery . The only thing l will say about this top it has very light fabric so you'd have to wear a cardigan with it , the fabric is nice and soft. I've worn this with blue leggings and a black cardigan just to dress it up a little.

Okay so thats all l got from my shopping trip , l'm sorry l haven't got the prices for the other items , l've lost the receipts. Thank you so much for reading my blog and l hope to make more of these in the future.

Lots of Love 

Rose xx


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