The Big Bang Theory Spoilers!!! Season 9 Episode 7 Review

The Big Bang theory  
Season 9 Episode 7

 In this episode , Adam Nimoy comes along with Will Wheaton to interview Sheldon for a new documentary about the life of spock that Adam is making. Another story in this episode is when Bernadette wants to redecorate the house but Howard doesn’t want to.

l found this episode very entertaining compared to last week’s episode , l loved how we found out a lot more about Sheldon's character and on how much he loves and still yearns for Amy. I also think the reaction of Penny and Leonard was priceless when they found out he was going to propose to Amy. I find it sad at the end on Sheldon's reaction.

On to the Bernadette and Howard story, l enjoyed it too but I did however find it a bit annoying that Howard hasn’t changed much compared to the other characters.He is still acts like a boy rather than a grown man. l know he has gotten married but his character hasn’t developed that much in my opinion.

On the whole l think this episode is worth watching and looking forward to next weeks one. 


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