Christmas Gift Ideas '''Part 2'''

This is part two to my Christmas gift ideas , getting closer now only a few weeks left until Christmas so l hope this list helps you decide.

For Women

Again we are starting with the ladies in your life and the links are down belloow :) 

The first one is more of a stocking filler but if you are on a budget these Yankee candles would be perfect , they sell them in Boots on a 3 for 2 offer.
 The two that l have here come in the scents are angel's wings which is a vanilla christmasy smell , the next one is Christmas memories which has a very strong Cinnamon scent. Both of them are nice for someone who loves Christmas scents . These cost 23.00 from Boots 

Yankee Candle Christmas 2 Small Jars Gift

The next gift I have is a scarf from Amazon , l will put the link below , it was really cheap but wanted it as a stocking filler . Its black and has a lovely Aztec design on it :) The quality is okay but for nearly £5 its great , l will give you a link below and the price. I love Amazon , l can't wait till they have black Friday . Okay so it costs £4.52 :) 

Pia Rossini Women's Fortuna Aztec Scarf 

For Men 

The first one for men is this Fcuk gift set , it has boxers , a body spray and body and hair wash, l thought this would be a nice gift for someone who likes Fcuk products . I got this from boots at the price of €22.00 , l will link it below :) 

The next gift l have is from Amazon and its a portable charger , so if you go out and you can't find anywhere to charge your phone you can bring this with you , all you have to do is hook this up to your computer to charge . I got it from Amazon for £10.99 but the prices are always going up or down , l will link this product below so you can have a look.

Another one I have is a book called Steve Jobs: The Biography, if you have anyone who loves biographies this is a good one to get. l got this from Amazon as well and they sell a lot of books at a reasonable price so l will link this below and the prices vary depending on what covering you want .

The last one is from Salt &Worth, it is a fishing tool .I think it is pretty cool because you can open bottles with it , its a fish scraper and has a fishing line fastener. You can get this from Boots on the 3 for 2 offer. It costs €22.00 and l will also link it below.

I hope this helps you choose a gift for that special person and thank you so much for taking the time to read this post , if you like what you have read please feel free to follow and share 

Lots of love

Rose xx


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