The Drunk Tag

So l don't know if this tag already exists but l thought l'd do it and make up the questions  :) 

What do you normally drink to get you drunk? 

 I find vodka usually gets me rat arsed lol, red wine with it is a bad mix though (never did it again)

What is the drunkest you ever been? 

I think it was in Downings bay in Donegal , Ireland . My sister and l were out and we were going back to the hotel and l was dying to go to the toliet and the doors of the hotel where locked so l jumped into someones garden and the rest was history , lots of bruises the next day lol 

How much does it take to get you drunk? 

Not much , l'm 4ft9 so very little , l'd say a bottle and a half of wine , l'd be wasted.

Who is your favourite drinking buddy ? 

I have loads but l think its my sister and my best friend they've seen me at my worst so they don't bad an eyelid plus they are alot of fun to be around lol 

Have you ever done anything that you have really regretted when drunk?

Of course I have , l think the thing l have regretted the most is when l've spent a ton of money only to realise the next morning OOPS lol 

What do you like to do when your drunk ?

 I love to dance sing and do very silly things :P 

What music do you listen to when drunk ?

I listen to all sorts  , l love to listen to anything l can dance to , a guilty pleasure is disney songs :) 

Okay this my little tag hope you enjoyed it :) 


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