Pet Passports

Okay so we where suppose to move to the UK this year but our plans completely changed,we had everything organised but the job prospects were not great where we were moving so we decided to stay here.

In the process of planning and Organising we had to get pet passports so we could bring our three cats , what you have to do is a few of the following 

  • You have to go to your local Vet and make sure the animals are fit to travel 
  • Make sure they are vaccinated against Rabies 
  • Make sure they are Microchipped 

Our Vet went and did our passports , he asked us to come in the day after to collect them so they don't take long.

The cost of it for us was around 300 for 3 cats , l don't know how much it would be for dogs.

Its really important because they can stop you and refuse your pet I will put a link below if your planning on moving from Ireland,

I know its a bit random to my Blog but l found when l was planning to move this information was interesting so this helps some of you pet owners :)  

Here is a link:


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